Monday, January 23, 2012

Two cakes in two hours

This time our mission was to bake for the Merkur School theatre, to sell for the audience. We had very little time, so we worked efficiently and had easy recipes! We baked one carrot cake and one simple chocolate cake.

We had a teddy bear stensil, so we sprinkled caster sugar over it. so cute!

For the cake frosting on the carrot cake we used a delicious recipe from craig whitson's cookbook: "Far heter daddy."  Yum!

All of our cake was sold out! SCORE

our first cake!

Our first official cake was for the IB creative evening, the 17th of November.  We used a recipe from a cookbook by Nigella Lawson. It turned out really good! The recipe is online HERE. 

It was good fun baking this cake, and we are a really good team in the kitchen! We work efficiently!
This was not a difficult cake to bake, and if we could bake it, I am sure all of you other amateurs out there can too!

Here's our first cake of many, sooo beautiful !
We even spelled IB with sprinkles! YEsssss.


Hello, fellow readers!

We have now started a blog about our baking adventure that is to unfold during our last three semesters at the IB. During this adventure we will go from being baking-nobody's to the ultimate cake bosses. You can expect yummy updates on fantastic cake-creations and other baking goods. At this very moment we have already prepared for you, our dear followers, three posts about are latest mouthwatering miracles. At the end of this endless journey we will be baking cakes like these:

SOOO, be prepared for the most mindblowing baking blog ever!

baking girls